Contest announcement


Don't over think it
Starting Saturday 22nd, the long talked about factions base contest will begin. Here's how to play.

Each participating player has to build a base (you can team up with someone and share the prize if you want). The base (and its contents) will then be scored and given a monetary (cash) value. The base with the highest value wins.

You will score points for size, number of walls, and number of spawners.

For each area chunk in your base your base will receive a value of one million. The largest area allowed is 4x4 chunks (16 area chunks aka 16 million)

The value of each wall you make will depend on the size of your base. For each chunk of area in the base, the wall will gain 250 thousand dollars in value. 1x1 base would be 250k per wall, 2x2 would be a million per wall, 3x3 would be 2.25 million per wall... etc.

The value of spawners will equal that of their shop price. An IG will award your base 4 million in value, blazes 200k... etc.

The winner of the contest will be determined by who has the highest monetary value present in their base. The contest will last a week and a half (roughly, you can't divide 7 by 2). It will end June 2nd. The winner will receive 50 million dollars.

Q:Will raiding be allowed?
A: Absolutely, you can raid the other teams/players and it would be perfectly allowed.

Q:Can I team with my buddy?
A: Yes, by all means.

Q: Can I keep my base and its contents after the tournament?
A: Absolutely, that's your stuff.

Q: How will the base values be reported?
A: I will personally go to your base and calculate the value, no coordinates will be recorded nor will anyone be teleported. This is a competition, not a scam.

Feel free to make comments or suggestions. Tell me if you think a detail is missing, I'm sure there is one.