Commands on EZ!


go to /warp moon'smarket and /warp thetavern
Hear are the commands if you don't know them well. :)/warp is how you warp place's /home is how you get home (if you have a bed that is) /lands claim is how you get your first land, but it has to be 1 chuck away from someone else's land. /land create is how you make more lands, but as you make you land you must add a name {Example}(/lands create [Myland2].) as simple as that! /map is to map out the land you are on. /lands delete is to delete the land which you are on, if that doesn't work you do /lands delete [Myland2]. /ah is for auction house to buy stuff in the comfort of your own home. /lands will have a pop up of all your lands and the lands you're trusted on. /money is to see how much money you have in you balance. /help is to help you if you need it. Well that's all the commands I know, if you want more info ask @SuperGirl767 for help. Thanks heaps @MoonQueen08 ♥:D :)