Builders of Tomorrow


Fastest man alive - Fidgety weirdo - D.C
Hello fellow Skraftians! For those of you who don't know me I am Iron_Hide05 and I try to be good at stuff XD. Anywho I am going to be working on a few projects soon and I'd love to enlist the help of some people. For starters, I am making a plot dedicated to Bible stories. Right now I am working on the Tower of Babel and could really use some help rn. After that I plan on doing much more including Noah's ark. In a neighboring plot to that one I am going to build Iconic rl stuff. For example: two that I could think of was the Golden Gate Bridge and the statue of Liberty. Anywho, I get ahead of myself. Right now I could really use help with the Tower of Babel. This is the image I am working off of so, if anyone is willing to help me let me know. I'm almost certain we can come up with some amazing ideas on here.