Best warps in the west!


go to /warp moon'smarket and /warp thetavern
My Fav warp is soccercupcake, because of all the stuff you can buy! I own two warps so far, I want another one XD... But my two warps I have now are Moon'smarket & Thetavern. (Username is SnowQueen2009) My sisters is Snowflakemarket & Headshop!(Username is Brimstone456) My bro's is Ardonia. there are some other warps I like, like coolshop or jungleshop, or thecavern, or farms, or shop, or market... And if you tp or warp to theyam just follow the neither rack and you'll be at MobDrop_ (Which will be my new warp by the way :p) Thanks heaps @MoonQueen2008 ♥♥♥