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Do you think something is funny, but aren't laughing? Are others laughing? Do you know people who would laugh? Then this is the emoji for you!

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  1. Bubble Update

    I have made the thought bubble larger and more obvious that it's a thought bubble. To account...

Latest reviews

Really doesn't have that much use, plus if someone doesn't particularly find something funny chances are they won't think someone else finds it funny either kind rendering this reaction useless-
Ehh, it's not a question of whether it's funny, but whether it would make someone laugh. Someone can think something is funny and not laugh, while someone else might be laughing hard at the same thing. This is for the person who thinks something is funny, but isn't physically stimulated to laugh.
With the thought bubble update, it's a big improvement
The amount of times I'd actually use this myself though. I like it a lot and hope it gets added
It’s a very good idea and very useful.
5 star 10/10
I love this, it's very creative, I can see it being used by people.
Decently made, the only issue is the usefulness. I think it'd be used like, once every 2 months and not much more
a lot better than the original i might use it occasionally
Much better than the current laugh emojis imo
We need this man