Kirby Heart

Kirby Heart 2021-11-06

No permission to download
This is cute, would be fun to have on forums.
cmon add it in honor of the dude
Thought I left one before, but I guess not. So in honor of Amiibo
re-rate pt.3 because i want this to be added
Yes add it now
perfection. would be useful i think 10/10.
(..i thought i already rated this. better late than never ig)
I COULD HAVE SWORN I LEFT A RATING ON THIS. we need this lovely addition to the sk forum
This needs to be added
The POYO must live
I really like the thought in this emoji. I also like how detailed it is. I hope it gets added.
its beautiful
this makes me very happy
please add its so cute
perfect for when you can’t use words to express your love <3
plus it’s not skelly or spoogi man so it gets bonus points
I like it so 5 stars but where would we use it in a conversation
to show love and support to a friend
5 stars + wholesome + better than skelly