dancing junimo

dancing junimo 2022-01-22

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Never played stardew, but this would be a good emoji for when good things happen like "I just won a competition :dancingjunimo:"
i am re-rating this cuz i rated it 4 before but now i play stardew 11/10 i want this
10/10 junimos are awesome!
100000000000/10 it's epic
Ever since I spoke to the wizard about the junimos, I have liked them. I am working on the bundles so that they can complete the town hall before Joja can take over. The junimos are cool, and this is spot-on accuracy. I love it.
I rate this 10/10. Tis a good boy
I love Stardew valley, and this emoji looks amazing, the textures are exact and perfect. Has barely any purpose, still a nice emoji
all i'd ever wanted and more
Im confused on what it could be use for, but other than that i think its good
looks like

an apple it looks like