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    What is this game about?

    Paintball is played using a snowball named “Paintball”, you can throw the paintball at others by right clicking or left clicking.

    You may buy more items from the shop located in your inventory.

    Everyone in the game has 4 re-spawns.

    What’s the goal?

    The goal is to hit as many people as you can with paintballs until the time runs out.

    How do I get there?

    You can use the compass in any of the hub servers to navigate to all SKrafty games.

    Tips and tricks

    • Hold right click to auto shoot your paintballs.
    • Holding your CTRL key (or your defined SPRINT key) will make you sprint.
  2. Ghost3123

    Ghost3123 ヾ(⌐■_■)ノ♪

    This thread needs an update due to the new update for PB.
  3. BreakinAnkles435

    BreakinAnkles435 •Taller than Bad•

    or they could go back to old PB.
  4. ChuckwagonJr

    ChuckwagonJr Helper, TS Channel Adm1n

    I like the new one.
    But tbh, I'd have to pick the old one.
    So I'm with ya on this.
  5. coolcody456789

    coolcody456789 Game enthusiast

    Yeah. Everyone plays and gets to max rank. What does supers do?
    Make a new PB and everyone loses their hours of progress. Thanks.
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  6. coolcody456789

    coolcody456789 Game enthusiast

    (those of us tough enough to grind for it at least)
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  7. ThorLG

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    The supers modify a game and try to make it better. What do you do? Whine and complain about it on the forums because a few people who hardly even play anymore lost their stats. Thanks.
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  8. coolcody456789

    coolcody456789 Game enthusiast

    And this is an example why I should probably just tape my fingers together so I can't type. Thanks ;)
    I'm just saying that they have "improved" plenty of games. we're good supers believe us. please stop improving or soon jumbosized will get removed
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  9. datatags_857

    datatags_857 Doesn't feed trolls

    The old PB was better in most ways, but at least the new one evens out the teams. Though I wish I had discovered the /pb list command earlier cuz then I could have yelled at everyone who's on the biggest team in private message. :p
  10. benprog19

    benprog19 Ex-Developer; Helper

    Ugh.. Tell me about it ._.
  11. Ludy

    Ludy Basketball Iz fun

    I miss this ;u;
  12. datatags_857

    datatags_857 Doesn't feed trolls

    Then you'll have to come play on my MC server at [email censored].com. We use the old paintball plugin and have "happy hour" every week. Contact us today at [email censored][email censored].com!

    (Also all arenas are protected properly to prevent the griefing issue SK had.)
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  13. Ghost3123

    Ghost3123 ヾ(⌐■_■)ノ♪

    l o l one reason I liked the new pb.. No more map griefing
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  14. Ghost3123

    Ghost3123 ヾ(⌐■_■)ノ♪

    Altho people could kill each other before it started and the team evening was garbage..
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  15. ChuckwagonJr

    ChuckwagonJr Helper, TS Channel Adm1n

    pls bring back ol pb

    it was amazin
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  16. ChuckwagonJr

    ChuckwagonJr Helper, TS Channel Adm1n

  17. Graysonic

    Graysonic S0N1CTH3H3DG3H0G Factions :)

    @ChuckwagonJr Welll I'd rather have mobarena back or bringing kitpvp back into 'the olden glory days' ... ;)
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