New Paintball Arena

Discussion in 'Paintball' started by H0bbitNerd, Dec 22, 2016.


Would you like this map to be added?

  1. Add this map.

  2. Don't add this map.

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  3. Needs more work.

  1. JulianaLG

    JulianaLG ↬Juli •SKrafty Helper•

    You voted "Needs more work", so I'm guessing that is why he asked.
  2. TuggleHome

    TuggleHome -=-=[Builder/PvPer/WorldEdit Specialist]=-=-

    I think the Wood cabins and castles could use soem more detailing
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  3. BreakinAnkles435

    BreakinAnkles435 •Taller than Bad•

    Hm, you do have a point there. Thanks for the input! We'll get right on it.
  4. BreakinAnkles435

    BreakinAnkles435 •Taller than Bad•

    Yeah what Juli said xD. But thanks!
  5. HappyBloo

    HappyBloo boop

    Hm, strange. I voted that on accident then changed it to add it but I guess it didn't stay like that's lol
  6. H0bbitNerd

    H0bbitNerd (<Helper>)

  7. H0bbitNerd

    H0bbitNerd (<Helper>)

  8. BreakinAnkles435

    BreakinAnkles435 •Taller than Bad•

    Hobbit and I aren't great with pictures, so we highly suggest going to see it in sandbox, at /warp camelot
  9. H0bbitNerd

    H0bbitNerd (<Helper>)

  10. Jflash12

    Jflash12 Macro(cheating) hater/Soccer pro/PvP pro

    It's a REALLY cool map. And when I say REALLY, I mean REALLY!!!!!!! The one problem I have with it is that it needs to be BIGGER!
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  11. H0bbitNerd

    H0bbitNerd (<Helper>)

    Will do! Thanks!
  12. BreakinAnkles435

    BreakinAnkles435 •Taller than Bad•

    Hm, if you go look at other maps, such as PVP Palace, Iced In, Fire, etc, it's relatively the same size.
    And if you have not visited the warp, then I highly suggest doing so. It looks pretty small from the pictures.
    Thanks for the input though.

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