In War, Need Rentable Farmer PLZ

Discussion in 'Sky Blocks' started by Amethyst_Rose, Aug 31, 2019.

  1. Amethyst_Rose

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    On August 31st, 2019 the Island of Roses declared war on The Unknown Island In Possession of Sandycat07/ssandyy__.

    However, due to circumstance, the Island of Roses has lost its farmer, therefore leaving it with little hope of winning the war. So, the Leader of the IOR is looking for a farmer that can be used/rented during the war period and possibly afterwards. IOR will pay 5 emerald blocks a day for the use of the farmer. If you would bring yourself to accept this offer, please contact: Amethyst_Rose (forums) Amethyst_Rose (minecraft) or Dills_ (minecraft). Please consider this offer. PRICE IS NEGOTIABLE.

    Best Wishes of Growth and Prosperity to all Skyblockians,
    and Best Regards (may the grass on your block never fall off)
  2. _Cvmeqlive_

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    Late but I'll do it
  3. Amethyst_Rose

    Amethyst_Rose Villette Queen

    Ty, I'm in mc now
  4. Amethyst_Rose

    Amethyst_Rose Villette Queen

    What is your username?

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