how can i git gud at witherpvp

Discussion in 'Wither PvP' started by Shinyy, Oct 14, 2017.

  1. Shinyy

    Shinyy Thoughtful

    I need to know i am such trash at this game
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  2. UhmFlame

    UhmFlame <3 [T0P] <3

    step 1. SPAM those WITHER SKULLS
    step 2. never lose...
    step 3. get all the kits
    step 4. There is no step 4
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  3. HotRod

    HotRod 13| Programmer | Coffee Enthusiastâ„¢

    Wither PVP is an awesome game. I have a couple tactics.
    1. Farm off your friend @EP_RoMans121 or @ChuckwagonJr
    2. Try to find a cool hiding spot invite your friends and ambush people
    3. Try to reach the withersniper kit first, it is really lethal for boosting kills.
    4. Enjoy SuperWither
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  4. Shinyy

    Shinyy Thoughtful

    So basically it's just playing a bunch and being smart about it?
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  5. benprog19

    benprog19 Developer & Helper

    Dont use macros, it doesnt work anymore. @ThorLG ;)
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  6. memows

    memows // im shaking my fetters and breaking loose \\

    Since I have neither a fast, lagless computer or fast reflexes, I rely on more stealthy approaches. Normally I like to single out people (preferably younglings with little streaks. Unless it is a golden opportunity, never go after older players with higher kits/ranks and large streaks. Avoid those guys like the plague!) and stalk them until they are in a spot where they cannot protect themselves and/or they have low health/are vulnerable.

    Always attack from above, below or behind your opponent, catch them by surprise. Zig-zagging helps spread out your spray of wither heads and helps avoid damage (most of the time). Also try to get as many heads out as fast as you can, of course. Getting them stuck in a place where they can't shoot you very well and are really close to you is the ideal time to use your sword.

    If you are forced to retreat, don't run away completely. Get out of sight and then resume stalking them until you feel like they stopped thinking about you so you can catch them by surprise again.

    Don't. Interrupt. Fights.

    1) It's extremely annoying
    2) now you have two people to deal with instead of one
    3) C'mon man it's one of the lowest ways to get kills where's your sense of dignity.
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  7. Ghost3123

    Ghost3123 Addicted to bagels, Male, 13

    what if I'm a vulture

    *runs in and kills whoever bites dust*

    *runs away* hee-hee-heeee
  8. Shinyy

    Shinyy Thoughtful

    I must concur regarding interrupting fights.
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  9. ChuckwagonJr

    ChuckwagonJr Helper, TS Channel Adm1n

    well supposedly you can get points by defeating yourself, so you could farm yourself but yeah.

    idk about that
  10. DBean

    DBean Inactive

    I can confirm this. I do it sometimes. It works. It takes a bit to master the technique, but you can do it. (I got trapped in an area that I couldn't break out of, so I defeated myself to get out.)
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  11. Lizard_of_0Z

    Lizard_of_0Z Jedi Master

    No the lowest way to get kills is to target younglings
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  12. Loonar

    Loonar fluffy boi

    True da
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  13. FlameBoss77

    FlameBoss77 Forum Master

    "George Crowder"

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