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Discussion in 'The Lab' started by PinkyPie7, Jan 22, 2019.

  1. PinkyPie7

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    This is a thread to report glitches/issues found in The Lab.

    Here are a few I noticed.

    1. Gold doesn't respawn after a certain point in Gold Rush like it used to :(

    2. One of the spawn spots in Gold Rush is a block down; so you have to jump and it adds a slight delay. Combining this with the Gold not respawning issue can be quite unfortunate :')

    3. There's a hole in the floor of Electric Floor. Its hard to see once Electric Floor starts, and if youre running around and not paying close attention, and you fall down in it, you lose the game as if you had stepped on a red tile.

    4. People have found ways to clip into the pig pen in the pig racing game, and they push back your pig. :.(
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  2. Wookiebear514

    Wookiebear514 ~A Christian, Mario Karter, Helper, and TSOp~

    5. Boat wars sometimes allows people out of their boat and they are able to fly
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  3. MasterKid137

    MasterKid137 12, INFP-T

    6: Boats sinking in Boatwars
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  4. MasterKid137

    MasterKid137 12, INFP-T

    7: Pigs going back for no reason in Pig Racing
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  5. Triacus

    Triacus the Last Sith

    They fixed number 4
  6. ellie

    ellie Daughter of Yellow

    i didnt know gold respawned like what
  7. ellie

    ellie Daughter of Yellow

    i was playing electric floor after boatwars, and when it started there was a flying- invis person with a bow in their hand so idk
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  8. PinkyPie7

    PinkyPie7 Artist - Pie Sister - Nerd

    Pig racing doesn't work anymore :/ Even if youre not hitting the apple, and only hit the emerald, your pig will clip back. Also more than one pig being tied to a clay color.
  9. Triacus

    Triacus the Last Sith

    In fact you could just not hit anything and you will clip back.

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