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Discussion in 'Factions' started by Supere, May 14, 2018.

  1. Supere

    Supere Owner Staff Member

    Yes I will be fixing that soon. I am currently at a convention. But once it is repaired you will have the ability to place spawners that you have already bought.
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  2. madiscn

    madiscn banditø | INFJ-T | gryffindor

    Thank you so much!
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  3. jojoe77777

    jojoe77777 title

    uh huh
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  4. BuiltCoffin

    BuiltCoffin Jedi Master

    top kek 2018
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  5. DAVO2013

    DAVO2013 Jedi Master

    pls i had skele and zombie spawner i placed down and it turned into pig );
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  6. LittleYoda01

    LittleYoda01 {Helper} | {Inactive}

    el oh el
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  7. Graysonic

    Graysonic S0N1CTH3H3DG3H0G Factions :)

    I am looking for factions to join that have a base. I need to start off, I've been AFK for a while and just now saw that facs is up.. so I am behind.
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  8. DAVO2013

    DAVO2013 Jedi Master

    if you need a base inspector tp me inside ur base i make sure everything fine (;
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  9. arcticcreeper2

    arcticcreeper2 Child of the Living God

    Hey you can totally join RainbowUnicorns if you want! We technically have a base but we are a peaceful faction whose chief aim is to protect llamas. We currently only have one llama sanctuary but hope to be expanding soon.
  10. TuggleHome

    TuggleHome -=-=[Builder/PvPer/WorldEdit Specialist]=-=-

    I approve of this llama protection program
  11. Wookiebear514

    Wookiebear514 ~A Christian, Mario Karter, Helper, and TSOp~

    "My name is Tuggle home and I approve of this message"
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  12. Graysonic

    Graysonic S0N1CTH3H3DG3H0G Factions :)

  13. Graysonic

    Graysonic S0N1CTH3H3DG3H0G Factions :)

    Hit me up!
    I can be on in a bit
  14. TheGeekyNerd_

    TheGeekyNerd_ Smol boi

    They are thoooo

    Especially when u cant pvp well lol
  15. Apochryphaa

    Apochryphaa gentle soul

    What does the reset mean for Factions?

    Will all of our loot be taken away and our bases demolished, or no? I'm fine with my treasures being reset every once and a while, but I'm more curious about whether or not all of our bases will be gone.
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  16. TuggleHome

    TuggleHome -=-=[Builder/PvPer/WorldEdit Specialist]=-=-

    yes it will be a fresh start for everything
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  17. Apochryphaa

    Apochryphaa gentle soul

    I see, thank you!
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  18. Graysonic

    Graysonic S0N1CTH3H3DG3H0G Factions :)


    With the continuous lag problems and spawners being broken is it even worth playing? I find it hard to find fun in this new reset. Sorry, I know a lot of work has been put into this but... yeah.. I wish SK would finally fix factions. Since celticfactions, SKrafty hasn't been the best at factions server making at all
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  19. superd767

    superd767 Administrator Staff Member

    Yep worth it. All issues have been resolved and we aren't aware of any other problems. The silk spawner problem was causing some lag so that shouldn't be a problem either.
  20. Jacob(Happy_Brother)

    Jacob(Happy_Brother) retired ship builder, TMS President, I’m 13

    Oh so that’s why it lagged last week (idk if it still lags because I’ve been on vaca and don’t have a computer with me)
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