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    So a while back I made a thread about everything that was wrong with factions. Now sense then i have quit and came back to find that factions is still objectively bad. (no offense supers ;)) There are many things wrong with it and im gonna list the bigger ones out and possible solutions to these problems.

    1. The shop.

    The shop is... horrible. I think SK went more for looks than practicality when it came to the shop, because it makes no sense. The organization is very strange for a lot of things, and its WAY too big. Like if you dont know where the item you are looking for is you have to walk ALL the way around this like 5x5 area and it takes a good minute to find what you need which isnt very fun. I would also like to see the ability to buy/sell a different number of items. For example maybe I only want to buy 16 wood logs instead of 64. And the final thing with the shop is not everything people need is in it. I can understand not having every block in the game for sale because that would make the shop way too big, but with all the space you have you should be able to fit alot more items in it than you do.

    Possible solutions to this is to just build/download a new shop. If you have some decent builders on hand it should be fairly easy and if not you can simply search up Factions Shop and find plenty to chose from.

    Another idea is to make a /shop.
    Players would be able to type /shop and it would open up a gui. From there you could have categories of items to chose from and then when you select an item you would be able to chose to left click (buy) or right click (sell) and from there you can chose to buy/sell 1, 16, 64, or an inventory of items if you have the funds.

    You could also make a shop sort of like the last one but instead of having a command that does it you could go to a /warp shop and there are villagers there that when you right click it opens the same gui. There are plenty of plugins that can do this and its fairly simple to set up.

    2. Updated faction plugin.

    The factions plugin you seem to be using is either Custom or VERY old. The reason I say this is because it does not have a LOT of simple commands which are very helpful when it comes to factions. For example if you updated the plugin you used you could have things like /f warp which are custom warps set by the faction and only members of the faction can use. Or /f c f which is a chat that only other faction members (and certain staff) can see. Now I heard somewhere that the reasoning behind not having a /f c f is because players could bully others or break the rules in that chat and the staff wont be able to do anything about it. But this could be fixed with a simple /report command which will log all recent messages sent by a specific player for a staff to later review and punish accordingly. Many plugins have this feature.

    3. Sand Mechanics.

    This is honestly the biggest problem SK factions has to this day. Any server that is running a minecraft version that is 1.8+ probably has a 1.7 sand mechanics plugin. This is the most needed thing on SK factions easily. Basically when minecraft updated to 1.8 They changed the way sand worked so that most cannons dont work. So if you want to do anything that stacks more than one block of sand per shot, you need this plugin. This is VERY important because at this point it is so hard to get into a base that is at y level 255 and has more than 1 wall to the point where people dont even try. So a plugin that fixed this would be VERY useful.

    4. Lying

    This one is a bit controversial because alot of people disagree with this one but please hear me out.

    Factions is a war based game-mode and one of the most fun parts of it in my opinion is insiding. Insiding is when you join a faction, get trusted enough to the point where you have access to the main areas of the base, then leave the faction and take everything for yourself. Now this seems a bit scummy and unfair but thats just how the game is meant to be. Now the only thing stopping this is the rule on lying. Basically since its bannable to lie on the server, if you just make the person promise not to inside before they get access to the main areas of the base, its practically impossible to inside. So I suggest you make an exception to this rule and say that in the case of insiding, tricking people in that way should be allowed. Since its a game and all and most people that play factions are mature enough to deal with someone tricking them and taking their stuff. One of the biggest reasons of why this would be helpful is a lot of the people that play SK dont know how to cannon and dont have the time to learn how. This would be a good way to raid people.

    Thanks for reading the whole thing and I would LOVE to hear you guys's opinions on all these.


    EDIT: Any suggestion appearing after this message has been added AFTER the original thread was made, so these are suggestions by myself that I forgot and/or community suggestions.

    5. Donator Commands

    Now donators dont get much when it comes to factions besides a fancy prefix. So I think it would add more of a reason to buy a rank as well as bringing other players who already have a rank to factions if they got a few added bonuses. These could be commands like /back (brings you to the location you were before your last teleport) more /sethomes, /feed, and things like that. That give hardly any competitive advantage but adds more insentive for the people who have ranks to play and for the non donators out there to consider purchasing one.

    6. Map Size
    The map size is WAY too big for the amount of players in it. a 10k border but only averaging about 2-3 player online at once is really not the best. There is SO much space and not enough players to fill it. This makes bases REALLY rare and just makes the overall experience not as fun. What I suggest is making the border of the overworld 1k by 1k. That may seem small but in doing this you could also add the end and nether. The end would have a spawn similar to the overworld but after that it would be flat ground of end stone about 70 blocks up going till a border of 1k as well. The nether will have a general spawn area, but after about 100 blocks away from the spawn area it becomes a randomly generated default nether. This would make it so there are 1k borders in all the worlds but since there are 3 of them it all evens out.

    7. Power
    The power in skrafty factions is really unbalanced for a lot of reasons. You start out with 0 power and the max power someone can get is 10, but it combines with other faction members, and you gain one power for every hour of gameplay. Now this is not a very good way to do things. Firstly if someone new joins the server and they play for about 3 hours and they make a base. But you can only claim 3 chunks which really isnt a lot. Second, the max power you can get is WAY too small. If anyone wants to make a base thats fairly big, you would have to get alts on to afk in order to get more power to claim the whole base. What I suggest is how most factions servers do it. Start with 10 power and your max power be somewhere between 25-50. This would increase the base size of sk encouraging players to build more and learn how to use redstone to cannon into the bases. Gaining 1 power every 15 minutes or so.
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  2. Mari

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    Allowing people to lie would be allowing and maybe even encouraging them to sin. The Bible speaks very harshly about liars and lying Proverbs 12:22 "The LORD detests lying lips, but he delights in people who are trustworthy." Ephesians 5:6 "Let no one deceive you with empty words, for because of such things God’s wrath comes on those who are disobedient." I can find a lot more verses on that. And no, not everyone who plays factions is mature enough to deal with being betrayed. Lots of little kids play on SKrafty and factions is popular, so they will go over to play there with everyone else. Again about the lying, do we really want to encourage little kids to be deceitful and lie?
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  3. The_Local_Dad

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    Alright yes lying is wrong but in the case of a game then I dont see anything wrong with it. I look at it 3 ways. The first being that everyone comes into the game with the context of this is a GAME. in which you are allowed to do things you arent regularly allowed to do. And secondly you can think of it as if it was a play or movie. For example say you are acting in a play or home movie in which the character you are playing is required to say something that is untrue. You do it because its just a play and everyone understands that its all just make believe. And you can also think of it as if you are telling a joke from the perspective of someone else, or you are setting it up with something that didnt happen. Do you consider this a sin? I personally dont because like I said its told within the context of its all fun and games.
    I would like to quote my friend on this one where he said
    "A gloss on Psalm 5:7, "Thou wilt destroy all that speak a lie," says "that there are three kinds of lies; for some are told for the wellbeing and convenience of someone; and there is another kind of lie that is told in fun; but the third kind of lie is told out of malice." The first of these is called an officious lie, the second a jocose lie, the third a mischievous lie. Therefore lies are divided into these three kinds.

    Now the sin of lying is aggravated, if by lying a person intends to injure another, and this is called a "mischievous" lie, while the sin of lying is diminished if it be directed to some good--either of pleasure and then it is a "jocose" lie, or of usefulness, and then we have the "officious" lie, whereby it is intended to help another person, or to save him from being injured. On this way lies are divided into the three kinds aforesaid."

    Now the lying that would be taking place in the act of insiding would be considered the second. It is in the context of fun and games.
    I also compare this to the act of stealing another players items within the game. Alot of factions is doing what you can to get another persons items so you can eventually be the richest player. And to do this that includes stealing other peoples items. But in the Bible it says you arent allowed to steal what isnt yours. Do you think that should be disallowed as well?
    And your second point about the people not being mature enough to deal with that, it literally says when you first log in that this is a war like game in which you WILL be griefed and people WILL steal your items.

    Do you have any opinions on my other points?
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    Again you can know that you will be griefed and raided, but that doesn't necessarily mean they're mature enough to actually deal with that. The rules don't say that you will be lied to and to some people that can be really hurtful especially little kids who are there just to have fun. Obviously if you know you can't handle it you shouldn't play it, but sometimes especially little kids can't make that kind of judgement.
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  5. The_Local_Dad

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    I mean fair enough i guess but I still think that in the context of the game it makes total sense. If a little kid plays it and it happens to them, they can just like stop playing it lol. I assume that since you didnt reply to the other part of it I changed your mind when it comes to the morality part of the lying, but do you have any opinions on the other points? If we want any of these to be added we need a lot of support on it.
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    I am 100% in favor of faction chat and a /shop command it can be really annoying to run back and forth through the shop just because you can't find where they keep the sand ;-; I'm not a donator anymore, but I think donator perks in factions would be a great addition
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    Im sorry if this comes off as annoying to anyone but i will probably be responding to this frequently with tags of the supers. The reasoning behind his is to keep the thread from going old so people are still able to voice their opinions on it and so that the supers hopefully eventually notice. Because from what i've heard they dont have the best record of listening to the community.

    @SuperMom767 @Supere @superd767
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  8. Lizard_of_0Z

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    i agree sith all of these and i think you should add a poll for people to decide which ones they agree with.
  9. Ghost3123

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    they go over a lot of the ideas, but they aren't gonna respond to each and every one of them. also it's very rare for a player-picked idea to get added :D
  10. Ghost3123

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    I support everything except lying, since this is a server where little kids could run around, and although I don't mind it way too much (it bugs me since lying, even in a game, is an extremely un-skilled way to raid, and is really only a good option if it's your last option imo) lil kiddos wouldn't understand. Also, you underestimate little kiddo's love for factions, they won't just quit playing if they don't like lying..

    Sooo yea, if factions were free of the little kiddos, I would mostly support the insiding bit too. Imo lying isn't nice; if you gain someone's trust, abusing that trust just isn't good. Plus, it absolutely wrecks your reputation, so immediately people won't trust you.
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  11. memows

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    Personally from my faction experience (yes, I played factions for a couple of years, it's shocking) lying is just a really terrible method of raiding. There's no real honor to it--its more damaging than it is useful. Lies are never harmless--there is always be a negative effect even if it doesn't affect you directly. You might not be bothered if someone gets mad about you lying to them in factions, but then again you aren't part of the staff team that gets to clean up the drama that lies cause--even if it is just a make-believe lie. The lies might be fake to you, but the reaction certainly isn't. From all my memories of factions, one of the main reasons I left it is because of how damaging it can be of your social outstanding and simply because of how toxic people can get over something like lies, betrayal or simply raiding their base. You might not believe those lies are real but I can assure you that your lie can be a stumbling block for someone else to fall on and sin themselves.

    Now granted, factions is a game about raiding each other. You're inevitably going to step on some toes. But by playing this game you should have enough maturity to try your best not to step on as many toes as you can. There have been several examples of people who did not do this and some people ended up getting others banned (and sometimes themselves) in the past. And there are people in the present doing the same thing and causing issues. Don't be one of those people. Don't do avoidable things like lying which will definitely cause issues. Don't use video games as an excuse to do things that will have a negative influence on others--especially younger players on Skrafty. As an older and mature person, it's your responsibility to show the less mature how things ought to be done. Be a good influence.

    Lying is never ok. If you have to rely on manipulating others, should you really be playing this game?
  12. The_Local_Dad

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    Funny how sk has a problem with the lying aspect of a war GAME but not the other parts that are told not to do in the bible such as stealing or killing. The entire premise of the game is to do "whatever you can to get to the top" which includes betraying people. Insiding is one of my personal favorite parts of factions. I have had many friends that have insided me over the years and we still talk to this day. If anything SK should be trying to work in the point that it's just a game and what happens to you is okay. Whats inevitably gonna happen is these kids are gonna grow up and get to the point in life where these things are going to happen to them and they wont know how to react to it. And one of the best ways in my opinion to prepare people for these things through games.

    If kids cant handle being betrayed in a game and you shield them from that, how are we supposed to expect them to deal with these things when they are older if they havnt had practice with it. In my life I personally have noticed that I deal with the bad things that happen in life particularly well. And the reason I beleive that is so, is because I have had so much practice dealing with these things through games. Games allow us to go to all sorts of different places and do many different things. Some good, some bad. But since its a game, if we dont make the right choice we can always try again next time. We should be teaching kids on how to deal with these things in controlled and safe environments so that when these things inevitably happen in real life, they have an idea on how to deal with it.

    Now this may not be the best way to do things but thats simply what I believe. Now nobody has really voiced their opinions on anything there other than the insiding part so please give some feedback to the other parts of the thread if you dont mind :)

    @SuperMom767 @Supere @superd767
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  13. memows

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    I get your point--I understand killing and stealing is a regular occurrence in Minecraft/factions, and this game does give them a great opportunity on how to deal with wrongdoing. But my concern is that having lying encouraged in factions will give them a mindset that it is ok to lie not because it is a tool to learn how to deal with it irl, but because it is a videogame and doing stuff like that is ok because its "has no real effect on others". And personally, the reason why I mention lying over killing or stealing is that those two are more physical things and usually that type of behavior doesn't really rub off that easily (if you know what I mean??)(plus they are common in other games and we dont have the drama problem with those two as we do with lying in factions.

    I agree pretty much with all your other faction points--especially the shop. Having it organized more like what you see in grocery stores (so the aisles are labeled so you don't have to run through every single one) would be really nice. Best shop was probably in the OG factions since it was fairly small and was pretty organized for at least the first half of its existence. I think the current shop is very pretty but way too big and scattered.
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  14. The_Local_Dad

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  15. SuperMom767

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    For now I do want to weigh in on the lying vs. stealing & killing idea.

    First of all, lying isn't actually a bannable offense on SKrafty. However, it is strongly discouraged and if someone is caught lying (and proven) we might have a chat with them or issue a warning. If someone lies on factions they have lied, period. It's against God's rules and God is the judge of that and will handle it. In fact, since lying is a sin against God the punishment for that is way worse than a simple server ban.

    Killing? No one actually dies. It is a character in a game which will respawn.

    Stealing? Again, these are virtual items and it's part of the game play. The object is to take other's stuff so what's the point if we didn't allow that? You can call it stealing, taking someone's game pieces, taking their territory, etc. Games like Baseball, Chess, Risk, etc also have this as part of their game play and if it's upsetting to anyone they shouldn't play it.

    You can be sure that we have taken great thought and consideration into every element of factions. We are always open to suggestions and appreciate your feedback.
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  16. The_Local_Dad

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    Really glad you replied. Even though it doesnt indicate exactly if you are going to implement any of these changes It at least shows that you have read it and thats something. Now like I said before I dont personally agree with the fact that lying in the context of a game or a joke is not wrong. But thats just my view on these things. The last one is hardly as important as all the others though, so I really hope you dont just ignore this thread just because i also suggested something fairly controversial. :)
  17. Speedrix

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    I didn't finish reading this yet cuz I wanted to touch on this. Um lying technically isn't bannable but it isn't allowed. Like if you lie you won't get banned but you might like get something taken away but not banned unless it's like a lie to the moderators... it varies on different lies is all I'm saying, and about taking that rule away? It would make a lot of things prob harder. It's not all the way true that older people only play factions. I've seen like half of the server filled with 8-10-year-olds, and sometimes if not every day some or another is screaming in chat "DON'T DO THAT" or "I TOLD YOU NOT TO BETRAY" so it probably will get worse if this rule is taken away. Added to the fact that it might create biiiig controversy over the whole server on the fact that they are making acceptions for this why not make the lieing rule exception for oasis or something. Not only that but just because someone says like don't tell cords or don't betray that's not a real way to like saying you can't do anything. Ok, someone lets you into the base but you have to promise to not betray, tp, tell cords, grief, and you are welcomed into the base. Say this you are in spawn and want to go the long treck to the cords of said base, you tell your friend that you are going to try to go to your base on foot, and he follows you. You make it to your base and then you leave and then your friend raids it. can you call that betraying? He's not telling him to follow you exactly. There are always loopholes into what ppl say you just got to find them. I don't see a need for the rule to be taken away.
  18. Speedrix

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    OH yes
    YES- well no the /back command might become to overpowered they could just /back everywhere they want
    kEEPs GetING bERter
  19. Speedrix

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    You could edit out that section COUGH
  20. Ghost3123

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    "You're only allowed in my base if you promise not to raid me, betray me, steal from me, kill anyone in this base, or just do anything to betray me in general.", and if they don't promise it, they aren't allowed in.

    Giving friends the coords to base? Check, that's betraying the trust of the one who let you into the base.
    Killing off the members and booming it yourself? Check, that's also betraying the trust of the one who let you into the base.

    Do anything otherwise to get the base raided? C H E C K . That's betraying the trust of the one letting you into the base.

    AND since you promised it that you would not betray them, you can't get the base raided, boom end of story. Because breaking a promise is the same thing as lying.

    And yes, you can call that betraying. Both participants know full well that they're just trying to get the base raided. No one goes to their own base on foot unless they're leading a raider to it. A smart person can still get you in trouble if you use a loophole.

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