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  1. stryx9

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    Team Savage has constructed a fortress to test your raiding skills. At approximately X = 1540 Y = 70 Z = 1640 you will find this challenge. The rules are simple, Team Savage will not interfere with competing teams, but there is no guarantee of safety from competitors. Team Savage may observe, but will not make repairs. The first player to present the signed book hidden within this fortress to GeniusPhoenix or Stryx9 will receive $3million faction dollars. Good Luck.
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  2. Triacus

    Triacus the Last Sith

    assuming this already went down and i was a tad bit too slow
  3. stryx9

    stryx9 Jedi Master

    Nobody has made it inside yet.
  4. BraveAndKind

    BraveAndKind Don't over think it

    I'll try it out after I finish school
  5. BraveAndKind

    BraveAndKind Don't over think it

    I've never broken into a regen though...
  6. _Cvmeqlive_

    _Cvmeqlive_ are you, are you, coming to the tree? 11. ESFP-T

    so uh, who won?

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