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    What is this game about?

    When you join Annihilation you will start out with a book and a block. If you right click with the block you can select what kit you would like to use. If you right click with the block it will let you select your team. Each team has a nexus with 75 points. and you re-spawn as long as your nexus is still alive and is not broken. If you did not get the kit that you wanted then go through the nether portal and it will let you select a new kit. You also have an ender chest, You may use this an personal storage.

    What’s the goal?

    The goal is destroy the enemy’s nexus. Once you destroy the nexus there team is vulnerable once you defeat them they will not get a chance to re-spawn. There are 5 phases, Phase 1 nexus is invulnerable, Phase 2 your nexus loses its invincibility, Phase 3 diamonds spawn in the middle, Phase 4 strength potions are added into the shop, Phase 5 +2 damage to all nexus

    How do I get there?

    You can use the compass in any of the hub servers to navigate to all SKrafty games.

    Tips and tricks

    • If you’re fast enough you may be able to get into the middle for diamonds.
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    Good to know.
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    Is Annihilation still playable? @Supere
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    I miss Ann1.... but there aren't a lot of peeps who like this sort of gameplay unfortunately.
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