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Classes FAQ

How do SKrafty Classes Work?

Students log in to a class portal each week to get their assignments and lesson.  Once the lesson is complete they will go over to SKrafty to complete the Minecraft portion of the assignment.  Each Minecraft assignment will demonstrate knowledge from the student’s lesson that week.

Students will take weekly quizzes to test comprehension, and they will receive badges as they complete milestones.  Students also receive in-game tokens to spend on SKrafty as a reward for completing classes.

What is an example of a Minecraft assignment?

For example, in astronomy students learn about the phases of the moon and the Apollo 11.  For the assignment that week they will build the moon in it’s different phases and label them.  They also build a model of the Apollo 11.

What is the difference between a self-paced and live class?

Live classes meet at a certain time each week using Adobe Connect, an online classroom.  The teacher will teach the lesson using Powerpoint slides and interaction with the students.  Once the live class is over students will go over to SKrafty to complete the building assignment.

Self-Paced classes are done at the student’s pace each week.  If there is no required textbook for a class the lessons are completely online using a bit of reading and some videos to watch.  If there is a live class associated with the self-paced class students will be able to watch the video of the live class at their convenience.

How much time does a SKrafty class take each week?

SKrafty lessons are designed to take approximately up to 2 hours per week.  This can vary widely depending on the details and complexity that the student chooses to use.

Do SKrafty classes work for iPad, tablet, or Xbox?

At this time SKrafty can only be used on the PC or Mac.

What is a premium Minecraft account?

This is the account purchased from Minecraft.net to be able to use the computer version of Minecraft.

I want more than one of my children to take a class, do they each need a separate Minecraft account?

It is highly recommended that each have their own account.  Otherwise they will have to share resources and rewards.

How long does it take to gain access to a class once it’s purchased?

If the class is currently available you will be able to access it within 24 to 48 hours.

How long will I have access to the class?

We do not remove access to the classes until complete so take all the time you need.

I am not whitelisted on my class server, what do I do?

Email us at whenyouriseup@gmail.com with the Minecraft user account and the class name.

I have a question about one of the assignments or lessons, what do I do?

Email us with your question at whenyouriseup@gmail.com

One of the Class videos is no longer available or I have found a dead link in the class.  What do I do?

Please email us with the details at whenyouriseup@gmail.com.

Are students in creative or survival in class worlds?

They are in creative so they can have unlimited resources to focus on the projects.


SKrafty Games FAQ

How do I get whitelisted for factions?

You can go here to get whitelisted for factions.

Why do I have to get whitelisted for factions?

Factions is a war type game, and we want to make sure players know what to expect.

I am new to the SKrafty games, is there general help available?

If you are on Facebook we have a SKrafty parent’s group that is very helpful, and it includes some documents in the files section that may help get you started.  Also if you go to minecraft.skrafty.com/edu you will find a class called SKrafty101 that will help.  You just need to sign on as a guest to access it.

When is SKrafty Happy Hour in Paintball?

SKrafty Happy hour happens every Friday at 7:00PM CST.  During this time everything is free in paintball.

How do I claim land in Creative?

You can claim land in Creative by standing in the plot and typing /plotme claim.  If you can’t find a plot type /plotme auto to be taken to the next available plot and automatically claim it.

How do I claim land in Survival?

You will need a golden shovel to claim land in Survival.  Click 2 of the corners with the shovel to claim it.

What are the Rules and Guidelines for KitPVP?  Is it just a free for all or what?  Is teaming allowed?

Kit PVP is a free for all battle, and sometimes players choose to team even though it isn’t really part of the game. Their goal is to get as many defeats as they can to get their stats up and improve their skills. Players new to this game sometimes struggle at first but eventually get the hang of it. Is teaming allowed? There is no way to control whether or not other players make the team signal to one another so it is allowed from that perspective. The more mature respectful players would not team up against a weaker player as there is no fun in that. We have done a few things to give new players a fighting chance by creating portals to randomly spawn players within the game.

A couple of suggestions/tips..1) Many times players do not look at chat for team requests and don’t even see it. 2) Look at it from the perspective of getting back in there and building up skills rather than being distressed about getting defeated. 3) Grab a friend and go to jr KitPVP and practice together. It’s meant to be a training ground.

Bottom Line: This is a battle game and there is no expectation of players to team and/or go easy on anyone. If KitPVP is causing emotional distress for someone then I would suggest taking a break and trying one of the other many games we have on SKrafty. Maybe coming back later to work on the PVP skills when it’s calmed down. Something we tell our kids when they get upset about it is to remember that it’s just a game and give them the “get back on the bike” speech.

Ranks FAQ

What are Ranks on SKrafty?

Different players have different ranks on SKrafty.  We have Admin, Mod, Helper, Jedi-master helper, Jedi Master, Princess, Hulk, Spiderman, and GameMaster.  The following is a breakdown:

Admin:  The admin rank belongs solely to the Syx family who are the owners of SKrafty.

Mod: Mod rank belongs to an awesome group of mostly SKrafty parents who are moderators on SKrafty.  This rank is invite only and can only be held by adults.

Helper: Helper rank is given to players who are helpful to others on the server.  A helper can be nominated by another player, mod, or admin.  Anyone who is interested in the helper rank should demonstrate helper behavior on the server as a way of playing and not by keeping tally of the number of people they help.  They can leave a note with an application in SuperMom767’s Office in Imaginethat2.

Donation Ranks JediMaster, Princess, Hulk, Spiderman, and GameMaster are given in appreciation to players who help to keep SKrafty running by donating.  Players can rank up to one of these at the link below:

SKrafty Donation Ranks

How do I get to become a helper?

A helper can be nominated by another player, mod, or admin.  Anyone who is interested in the helper rank should demonstrate helper behavior on the server as a way of playing and not by keeping tally of the number of people they help.  They can leave a note with an application in SuperMom767’s Office in Imaginethat2.

Getting Started FAQ

What is this all about?

SKrafty is a family friendly Minecraft community.  We have a gaming side of SKrafty with fun games like paintball, factions, Hide & seek as well as survival worlds and creative worlds.  It is free to play on SKrafty.  We also have classes that your player can take in History, Science, Math, Language Arts, and Bible.

Do we have to be taking classes to play on SKrafty?


How do I get started?

You will need a premium Minecraft account from Minecraft.net.  If you already have one you can go here to get whitelisted to play on SKrafty.

Why do I have to get whitelisted?

The whitelist process screens users for previous bans.

How do I get my Minecraft user name?

Follow the instructions at the following link:  How to find my Minecraft User name

Rules/Ban FAQ

What are the SKrafty rules?

You can find the SKrafty rules here:

SKrafty Rules

Why are my words changed in chat sometimes?

Our chat filters are intentionally meant to be very family friendly even for younger children.  If you type the word “kill” it will change it to defeat, and “hate” will be changed to ‘Strongly Dislike” as well as other changes.

I was banned from SKrafty.  How can I get restored?

We have an auto-ban feature that will automatically ban players who use certain words.  Occasionally players will misspell other words and accidentally type a banned word.  This will be obvious to admins, and we can investigate and unban if necessary.  If the player intentionally used inappropriate language the ban will stand.  SKrafty is a family friendly server and bad language will not be tolerated.  If you would like a ban to be investigated by an admin please email us at whenyouriseup@gmail.com.

General FAQ

Are there hostile mobs like creepers and zombies on SKrafty?

Yes, there are in some of the worlds.

I don’t want my children playing a game with zombies, is SKrafty out of the question for us?

No, not at all. We have creative worlds and games in which there are no hostile mobs.  They can build and have fun without them.