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  • Textbook: See list below
  • Age/Grade: 3rd Grade – 7th Grade
  • Teacher: Mrs. Bettina Zabel
  • Format: Live, Meets on Wednesdays at 2:30 pm CST (Schedule Below); See the SKrafty Class Calendar HERE.
  • Course Dates: 01/06/2021 – 03/24/2021
  • Minecraft Activities: Optional
  • Graded: No
  • Number of Lessons: 12
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Wonders of the World – A Global Book Class

Pack your bags and get ready to set off on a trip around the globe… PASSPORTS INCLUDED!

During this 12 week class, we will be visiting locations that are considered Wonders of the World, and we will be doing this using the book series “Where Is” (a branch of the “Who Was” series). This series of books brings a lot of powerful information on people, places, and events to children in a straightforward way. These books appeal to both boys and girls and are designed for seasoned readers and reluctant readers alike!

Before our adventure starts, I will give each learner a passport to make and each week I will send a printable for learners to “stamp” their passports.

Each week our book club will meet to discuss the book we read during the previous week (we will not read books in class). Children will also be asked to bring a book based project. This project is meant to spark some creativity, help with those that really benefit from hands on learning, and help bring history to life. Projects can be drawings, paintings, Lego builds, dioramas, a poem, or anything your child would like to share to express their vision of what they learned from each book. Projects will be shared during the class meeting time, which will encourage public speaking, allowing learners to talk to each other and make friends!

Our first class will be an introductory class, where we will set the structure of future club meetings and learn more about what makes a Wonder of the World. Future classes will be structured with a short introductory period, discussion time, sharing of projects, and if time allows, in class visual aids. Each week I will also make a printable available to help learners remember the key points of each book.

After class is over… each learner will earn a certificate of completion!

Books Required (link below): 

Where Were the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World
Where are the Great Pyramids
Where is the Colosseum
Where is the Taj Mahal
Where is Mount Everest
Where is The Great Wall of China
Where is The Great Barrier Reef
Where is Machu Picchu
Where is the Grand Canyon
Where is Niagara Falls
Where is Stonehenge

Books can be on tape, read, or read to learners, that is left up to the learner and guardian discretion. The books range from $3-$6 but can be borrowed from the library. For a one stop shop on Amazon for the books, visit this link


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