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  • Textbook: Following Narnia 2 Student book and Student Resource Notebook 
  • Prince Caspian, The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, The Silver Chair, and The Last Battle
  • Age/Grade: IEW Level B – Perfect for students in grades 8–12 with at least one year of experience with IEW.
  • Teacher: Mrs. Joann Johnson
  • Format: Live; Meets Weekly on Wednesdays at 11:30 AM –1:00 PM CST; See the SKrafty Class Calendar HERE.
  • Course Dates: 9/7/22 – 4/26/23
  • Minecraft Activities: Yes
  • Graded: Yes
  • Number of Lessons: 28


This Course 20% off with Subscription!

Narnia is  a live class that is interactive and enjoyable. IEW’s Structure and Style® writing method will give your student’s a toolbox so that they have confidence-building tools, which lays the groundwork for a lifetime of excellent writing. This class is a full writing credit. Attending live class is essential for success, however, sessions will be recorded. Classes are taught using methodology by The Institute for Excellence in Writing® by a teacher certified to teach with this method. My goal is to assist your student to gain skills to confidently communicate by learning to write well, think clearly, and express themselves eloquently and persuasively.

Students , who have finished at least one year of an IEW course, will enjoy these incremental and effective writing lessons. While moving through Units 1-9, students will enjoy reviewing and refining the nine units that they have learned.  Students practice more complex writing by evaluating and relating assignments to what they have read in the Narnia novels. They will put together research reports, write a letter, compose creative essays, and write a critique.

Students will gain a refreshing perspective on the Narnia novels even though many have read these novels at a younger age.  Students will learn advanced writing skills, Units 1-9, while exploring the enchanted land of Narnia through the Structure and Style® writing method. Four novels of The Chronicles of Narnia® , Prince Caspian, The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, The Silver Chair, and The Last Battle will be discussed in this class.

Perfect for students in grades 8–12 with at least one year of experience with IEW. This course requires higher level thinking and the ability to think abstractly. This fast paced, interactive class begins preparing your student for college level writing. Each week, past lessons will be reviewed to encourage mastery. Parents are required to actively participate in the homework process by editing. 

a computer with high-speed Internet connection for each student
personal headset with microphone and working camera
Assignments are turned in as a Google documents


Parents are the primary educators. My goal is to come alongside you to teach writing concepts, grammar presented in the book,  and explain stylistic techniques while you provide the quiet learning environment, keep your students on task during class time, review lessons, edit, and ensure that coursework is properly completed and submitted.

IEW is the award-winning Structure and Style Method for teaching writing. IEW helps children succeed in communicating confidently and effectively. Rather than facing a writing prompt with the dreaded “blank page,” students are taught nine structural writing models with style in each assignment. Students will develop confidence in writing while working towards independence and creativity. The IEW methods can be applied to other assignments, too. When students write consistently, they become confident, and competent.

As an experienced IEW Certified Instructor and an Online Instructor , you can trust that I will teach the Structure and Style method with integrity.

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