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  • Cost: $350, register HERE (OR use THIS LINK for a payment plan)
  • Textbook: None, will be provided by teacher
  • Teacher: Mrs. Kitty Hinkle
  • Format: Self Paced
  • Course Dates:  Anytime
  • Minecraft Activities: No
  • Graded: Yes
  • Age/Grade: Ready for Algebra.  You can find a placement test HERE.

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Do you believe a child should be taught to mastery? I do.
When I teach mathematics, I take every student’s understanding seriously. That’s why I do many of my assessments using diagnostic sessions where I watch the student solve the problems and notice HOW he/she is approaching it.  We’re made in the image of God, and His characteristics are what we use to excel at whatever He has placed on our plates. In class we foster respect, encouragement, and a can-do energy.

Curiosity is a contagious attitude.  Kids want to get under what’s the concept in each lesson because it becomes a feeling in the air – we’ve got to find the solutions and we do so with energy!

The classes are laid out into 27 weeks – three nine-week trimesters in hybrid format. Each week will include a minimum of two lessons. One will be live online and there will be at least one interactive lesson, taught by me. These interactive lessons include a lecture from me complete with embedded activities with accountability.  There will be class group projects and games such as a whodunnit where the learners have to solve problems with the class.

Text book is not required.  I draw all materials from a combination of my own problems sets and games  to a combination of materials available online and approved for sharing.

You can find a placement test HERE.

  • ONE weekly live class and a minimum of ONE online interactive class.
  • Bi-weekly assessments done through interactive diagnostic with the teacher.
  • Energy filled games designed to teach complete mastery.
  • Projects that students will collaborate on together virtually .
The cost is $350, and this class has 27 weeks of lessons. 

Report Card:

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TIPS: You will need to expand each topic to see all the grades. To print you can use your browser’s print function with file, print, OR by right clicking the screen and clicking Print.

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