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  • Cost: $150 or 20% off for EDU Subscribers, register HERE 
  • Textbook: None, will be provided by teacher
  • Teacher: Mrs. Kitty Hinkle
  • Age/Grade: 6-9 years old (Elementary Ages)
  • # of Weeks: 12
  • Format: Self-paced
  • Course Dates: Anytime 
  • Minecraft Activities: No
  • Graded: No

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Start your morning right by having your child laughing and learning. Weekly fun grows your learner’s mastery of multiplication facts through Mikey’s dog adventures. Master multiplication to get Mikey’s dogs back in the dog house for a dog party where kids celebrate their math success by choosing their favorite dog tricks!

We use some of the songs used in Classical Conversation Foundations along with songs created by the teacher to learn all the facts through the 12’s and then the squares and cubes and the square roots and cube roots.

Age Group: 6-9 years old (Elementary Ages) Schedule:  Jump in anytime— we review all the songs each lesson, and there are worksheets with the skip count lyrics matching the lyrics to the folk song they are sung to – These help the kids practice on their own!

Learning Goals: Your student will be able to recite the multiplication tables through the 12’s along with the squares, the cubes, the square roots, and the cube roots.

Materials: Nothing to bring to class except the worksheet, a pencil, and a desire for fun and learning! 
Price – $12.40 per week ($150) 

Note from Teacher Kitty: 

“I wanted parents and learners to see what the class is like but I also protect the privacy of students so I include only clips of me leading the class with no voices or faces of the students – I think you get the idea although remember – if the clips seem to be choppy it’s because it’s such a high energy class that the students are laughing and singing and chatting about the dogs and saying their skip counts and answering questions the whole time. Such a fun class! I know you’ll love it! Imagine after having fun like this twice a week all summer, your student will really know their tables!”

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