Get ready to start creating Java Programs!

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Java is a powerful computer programming language, the coding language used for many games and websites.

  • Minecraft
  • Android Apps
  • Amazon
  • Adobe
  • Big Multi Player Games

Java is a versatile language, it is used by many many operating systems (OS) and electronic devices. You create one program and it can be used just about anywhere.

Companies loves this about Java because they don’t have to write code specifically for mac or windows, the same Java code will work on both!

  • Mac
  • PC
  • DVD/Blu-ray players
  • Smart Phones – (Native language of Android)
  • Televisions

Java is a robust computer language, there are many pre-written Java codes that perfrom many tasks. This helps reduce the work needed by the programmer. These pre-written codes are known as

  • Libraries
  • API (application program interface)
  • Classes

Every lesson will introduce java concepts, followed by step-by-step activities for you to create Java programs. You will learn how to use conditional statements, loops, functions, classes and objects.

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