This NEW fully digital curriculum features video lessons by Dave Ramsey and his team of business experts. The curriculum covers important money topics that build financial confidence and inspire hope in your student’s lives.

How will this work?  SKrafty Students will login to the SKrafty class on our EDU site for assignments and lessons to be completed in Ramsey Education, homework, and chat based discussions.  There is no live meet up time for this course, but students are expected to check in and weigh in on discussion questions via SKrafty groups.  This will be explained in more detail at the beginning of class.  Each Student needs to have access to an email account in order to receive updates and participate in discussions.


This course will begin the week of Monday, September 17th.  Assignments will be posted each Thursday for 12 weeks ending on the week of December 17th (with a week off for Thanksgiving). You must complete this course within the given time frame as access is only available through the end of December.

Attention Current Students – This course ends on December 30th. You will not be able to access the Foundations site after that date. Please be sure to keep on schedule so you don’t miss out!

Course Content

Lessons Status

Getting Started!


Chapter 1 - Introduction to Personal Finance


Chapter 2 - Savings


Chapter 3 - Budgeting


Chapter 5 - Life After High School


Chapter 6 - Consumer Awareness


Chapter 7 - Bargain Shopping


Chapter 8 - Investing and Retirement


Chapter 9 - Insurance


Chapter 10 - Money and Relationships


Chapter 11 - Careers and Taxes


Chapter 12 - Giving