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  • Format: Live; Meets Weekly on Tuesdays at 9:30 Central; See the SKrafty Class Calendar HERE.
  • Course Dates: 10/5/21 – 4/26/22
  • Minecraft Activities: No
  • Graded: No
  • Number of Lessons: 24
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Online Art Class for Ages 8-10 on Tuesdays 

The foundational building block in art is drawing. A few people are born with a natural ability in this area. The general consensus is that they are the only people that should be artists. This is the normal philosophy in art education.   
Everyone is an art genius. They can be taught to “see” like an artist and they can be taught the skills to be a confident one.  Children are born loving art. They draw imaginatively at a young age. Every piece that they produce is a masterpiece in their eyes. You have a fridge door to prove this. At this age they are oozing confidence and love to paint and draw. At a certain age their drawing transitions to the realm of realism. The world is revealed to them through older eyes and they see their stick figure for what it is. If they have not attained the technical skills to cross this bridge then the paints and pencils are packed away and they grow up believing that they cannot draw. 
Most teachers did not go to art school to become an artist, and most artists are those people that could just paint and draw and have no idea how they do what they do. 
What if you could join a class that was taught by someone that wanted to be an artist since they were ten years old?  They went to art school and got their bachelor’s degree in art. They also ended up getting married, having eight children and homeschooling. Though that experience they learned how to pass on their passion for art. It can be learned incrementally like any other subject.   Join Mrs. Sally  for a fun year learning to see like an artist and building the skills to confidently say that you are one.      

Section 1 – Drawing (1st 6 Weeks October 5th to November 9th):

Drawing is a foundational skill in art. Learning a skill takes practice. Let’s have some fun along the way!  

Materials List for Section 1 – Drawing:

A set of 12 Prismacolor markers primary secondary set chisel/fine
A pack of copy paper
A glue stick
Mechanical pencils
A fine point sharpie marker
A 9×12 side spiral bound

Section 2 – Watercolor (2nd 6 Weeks November 16th to January 18, 2022):

Watercolor is one of the most difficult mediums to master because it is so different from the opaque paints people use all the time. It is also one of the most beautiful mediums if used correctly.    This course will teach the foundational skills needed to begin using this medium. We will dip our toes in the water with pen and ink. After that introduction we will move on to the foundations of this wonderful paint. Each section will end with a finished piece that will inspire you to keep painting. 

Materials List for Section 2 – Watercolor:

Black sharpie ultra fine point markers
Water Color Paint Set
Strathmore 140 lb watercolor paper 9×12 or 11×14 pad – Spiral bound
Masking tape
MALA Ikea children’s brush set
Hair dryer
Paper towel
3 small mason jars for water
6×8 pieces of of cardboard ( cut up an old shipping box)

Section 3 – Acrylics (3rd 6 Weeks January 25th to March 8th, 2022):

You will need an apron from now on. Lets get messy and have some fun! We are going to make some wonderful pictures with this fast drying medium.  

Materials List for Section 3 – Acrylics:

Winsor and Newton Galeria acrylic paint set 6 x 60 ml tubes
Set contains:
– Cadmium yellow
– Cadmium red
– Winsor Blue
– Phthalo green
– Burnt umber
– Titanium White

Mala Ikea childrens brush set
– Paper towel 2 or more
8×10 canvas panels
– Old newspapers 
An apron
– Several mason jars for water

Section 4 – 3D Art (3rd 6 Weeks – March 15, 2022 to April 26, 2022):

Do you love working with your hands? Keep that apron on! You are going to learn professional hand building techniques with air dry clay. In this six week class you will learn the basics of ceramic hand building and make some pots that you will be proud of.

Materials List for Section 4 – 3D Art:

Mason jar no lid
A flat surface to work on. 
Plastic tablecloth is a good idea but optional
One 5lb box of air dry clay ( terracotta,  white or gray)
Basic set of clay tools or set of plastic cutlery ( knife fork and spoon) and an old credit card.
Kitchen sponge cut in to 4 pieces.
3 paint sticks ( the ones used to stir latex paint. Free at paint store)
Parchment paper
Paper towels
Mason jar with lid

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