Host Controls

Give your Child a REAL Minecraft Birthday Party on the SKrafty Family Minecraft Server

  • Chat filters and Moderation makes it kid and family friendly
  • Invite family and friends
  • Out of town guests can join the party on the server

It is YOUR  PARTY and YOU are in CONTROL!  It’s SO Easy to use, kids can run their own show.

As the host you will have full control of your Birthday Party Server.  Here is a list of features you control.


Turn Party On – This will open the party for anyone on SKrafty to join.

Turn Party Off – This will close the party and no-one will be able to enter but you.

You can also open and close all the gates that lead to the mini games.

  1. Freeze Tag
  2. Rock’in Roller Coaster
  3. Creeper Coaster
  4. Glass Maze
  5. Birthday Cake Room
  6. Your Creative Server
  7. Turn off the rain
  8. Turn day time on
  9. Turn night time on
  10. Play music for everyone to hear with your own custom jukebox.

Want a small party?  Invite your Friends!

You do not have to open your party to everyone on SK… It can be a smaller party for just you and your closest friends.

You’ll type /partygate allow <playername>

How easy is it to control my party?

It is super easy!  You will receive a compass in your tray.  Right click with the compass and you’ll see the menu to control everything listed above.  It is point and click.