Skrafty Minecraft Donation Ranks


We are Thankful for your donations which will help pay for the overhead costs in hosting and maintaining this Minecraft Server.  In exchange for your donation you will receive VIP Status with the following ranks.

Skrafty Donation Ranks:

Level 1 VIP:  YOUNGLING (Minimum Donation of $2 per month)

Younglings are able to use the /me  and /near commands, and permission into Tatoinne on the economy zone.  They will have the title of YOUNGLING on the server.

Level 2 VIP: PADAWAN (Minimum Donation of $4 per month)

Padawan will have the same privilege as a youngling PLUS the ability to use /enderchest and /tpa.  They will have the title of PADAWAN on the server.

Level 3 VIP: JEDI KNIGHT (Minimum Donation of $6 per month)

Jedi Knight will have the same privileges as Youngling and Padawan PLUS the ability to create colored signs using codes, have unlimited AFK while away from the keyboard, and have Speed Walk ability in Economy Zone using /speed.

Level 4 VIP: JEDI MASTER (Minimum Donation of $8 per month)

Jedi Master will have the same privileges as Youngling, Padawan and Jedi Knight PLUS ability to fly in Economy Zone, ability to wear hats, and can create big trees in Economy Zone.