Minecraft Writing and Grammar Class with IEW 2016/2017 School Year

It’s writing time!  Please join us for a fun-filled writing class with live classes, grading, and some Minecraft.  These courses will be a 2 semester class, and the text book we will vary depending on the age level.  Each class can be used for a full writing or grammar credit.  We will have a live class each week, assignments, and of course Minecraft activities to go along with it.  The live class will be recorded to watch later.  These classes will be taught using methodology by The Institute for Excellence in Writing by teachers certified to teach with this method.  You can read more about this method below:

Institute for Excellence in Writing

Following are the details:

NOTE:  Due to the grading and teaching time involved these classes have limited space.

Required Textbooks (Must be purchased separately):

Please use code JoannJ if ordering from IEW.

Grades 3 – 5 Writing All Things Fun and Fascinating (Student Book)*

Humorous characters, cunning creatures, and meritorious men of history will captivate 3rd–5th graders as they learn to write with structure and style.  Moving through Units 1–7, students will take notes, summarize narrative stories, write from pictures, put together a mini research report, and compose creative essays. This class is ideal for students new to IEW in 3rd-5th grade.

Grades 4 – 7 Writing Ancient History Based Writing Lessons (Student Book)*

In this yearlong course students will write about six major ancient civilizations—Sumer, Egypt, Israel, Babylon, Greece, and Rome—while working progressively through the nine IEW units and a variety of stylistic techniques. This class can be a level A or B. Students that took Fables Myths and Fairytales should be prepared for this class. If your student found Fables difficult they might want to take All Things Fun and Fascinating. New IEW students in grades 4-7 will also do well in this class. Students should be reading at a minimum of a fourth grade level.

Grades 5 – 9 Writing Medieval History Based Writing Lessons (Student Book)*

Civilizations, events, and major figures of the Middle Ages come to life as students write using IEW’s stylistic techniques and the nine structural units. These 31 lessons acquaint young learners with Charlemagne, the Vikings, knighthood, geniuses of the Renaissance, and more! Students that were in the Ancient History Based Writing class will be prepared to dive into Medieval History. This level B class is also appropriate for students new to IEW in 5th- 9th grade. Students should be reading at a 5th grade level or higher.

Grades grades 7–8, high school students new to IEW Writing U.S. History Based Writing, Vol. 1 Explorers to the Gold Rush*

This course is not the same as the Advanced US History book that we used for high school last year.  Covering the nine IEW units, this course develops composition, grammar, and vocabulary skills while students write about American history from the Explorers to the Gold Rush. Although this is a level B class, it is at a higher level than the Medieval History. It also contains some literature selections that may be used for analysis.

Fix-It Grammar

Ingenious! Students hunt for and correct errors in daily passages that cumulatively tell a story. Fix It! encourages students to immediately apply new grammar knowledge in context, aiding in the transfer of grammar skills into their own writing.

Because every book in Fix It! Grammar is foundational to the book IEW’s recommendation is that all students begin with the first book: The Nose Tree. Each book includes advanced concepts, so even if your student knows much of the material, you can still begin with the first book and plan to move through it at a faster pace while adding the advanced concepts as he is ready for them. However, if you think your student has already mastered some of the concepts, use the IEW placement test below to determine where to start


Level 1 Fix-it Grammar: The Nose Tree Student Book; The Nose Tree Teacher Book

Level 2 Fix-it Grammar: Robin Hood Student Book; Robin Hood Teacher Book

Please use code JoannJ if ordering from IEW.

*Textbook may vary


Live Classes begin the week of Monday, September 12th.  There will be a week off for Thanksgiving on November 21 – 25, and 2 weeks off during December 19 – 30.  Second semester will begin on the week of Monday, January 9th and conclude on the week of April 24th.  Spring break will take place during the week of March 28 – April 1st during which there will be no classes.

Class Times: 

Grades 3 – 5th (All Things Fun..) Tuesdays at 2:00 – 3:30 pm CST

Grades 4th – 7th (Ancient) Wednesdays at 1:30 – 3:00 pm CST

Grades 5th – 9th (Medieval) Thursdays at 1:30 pm – 3:00 pm CST

Grades 7th – up (US History) Thursdays at 11 am – 12:30 pm CST

Fix-it Grammar (Nose Tree) Wednesdays at 12:45 – 1:15 pm CST

Fix-it Grammar (Robin Hood) Thursdays at 12:45 – 1:15 pm CST


NOTE:  Classes must have a minimum number of 8 students to “make” the class.  These classes are limited.

Both Semesters Writing Classes

**Writing classes are not included in the EDU subscription, but subscribers get a significant discount.  ($50 cost for class instead of $249.99)

Live weekly Class with in game assignments (Full Year, includes both semester live class + grading) – $249.99 

Grades 3 – 5th: All Things Fun & Fascinating

Grades 4th – 7th: Ancient

Grades 5th – 9th: Medieval 

Grades 7th – 12th

Minecraft User Name:

Both Semesters Grammar Classes
**included in SKrafty EDU subscription

Live weekly Class with in game assignments (Full Year, includes both semester live class + grading) – $99.99

Level 1: Nose Tree 

Level 2: Robin Hood 

Minecraft User Name:

WHERE: SKrafty Homeschool Minecraft Server (Not playing on SKrafty yet?  Get Whitelisted here)


We will have the following:

  • Weekly teacher led live class and textbook assignments.  Classes will meet in a virtual classroom with Adobe Connect in which the teacher will present the lesson and interact with students.
  • Students will log into online class portal for weekly assignments.
  • Weekly Minecraft Project.
  • Papers and assignments will be graded in the writing classes.  Grammar classes will have online quizzes which are automatically graded.
  • In – Game rewards for completing course milestones.

Requirements and Prerequisites:

  • Premium Minecraft Account and Minecraft for PC or MAC
  • Minecraft account must be whitelisted on SKrafty Homeschool Minecraft Server.  Get Whitelisted here.
  • Required Textbook see class descriptions:
    Please use code JoannJ if ordering from IEW.
  • Student should know the basics of building in Minecraft, and use proper Minecraft ettiquette (no griefing, etc.)
  • Students will be able to log in and begin on Thursday, September 10th.