Minecraft Homeschool Math: Exploring Fractions

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Minecraft Homeschool Math

Join us on a 6 week tour of Exploring Fractions with Minecraft.  We will be exploring the basics of Fractions Minecraft style.  This will be a self paced class with weekly assignments so that your students can work through the assignments on their own time on our SKrafty MathCraft Server.  I think this will be a super fun add-on to your math curriculum.

Following are the details:


Week 1 – Intro to Fractions / Unit Fractions/ Name and Identify Fractions

Week 2 – Create Proper and Improper Fractions/ Estimate and Compare

Week 3 – Express Fractions as Whole Numbers / Express Mixed Numbers as Equivalent Fractions / Name more Equivalent Fractions

Week 4 – Express Fractions as Decimals and Decimals as Fractions / Add and Subtract Fractions with Like Denominators

Week 5 – Add and Subtract Mixed Numbers with same denominators /Estimate Sums and Differences of fractions with different Denominators

Week 6 – Add and Subtract fractions and mixed numbers with different denominators


Self Paced class can be started at any time, and student can go through the class at their own pace.


Self Paced Class with video based lesson and in-game Minecraft assignments – $15.99

Minecraft User Name:

WHERE: SKrafty Homeschool Minecraft Server MathCraft (Not playing on SKrafty yet?  Get Whitelisted here)


We will have the following:

  • Weekly video lesson.
  • Weekly Minecraft Project Assignments.  Students will have a week to complete assignments, and teacher will be available at certain times throughout the week for questions and help if needed.
  • End of course Quiz to test progress (optional)

Requirements and Prerequisites:

  • Premium Minecraft Account and Minecraft for PC or MAC
  • Minecraft account must be whitelisted on SKrafty Homeschool Minecraft Server.  Get Whitelisted here.
  • PREREQUISITES:  There are no specific age requirements, but students should be able to follow directions and know how to maneuver around in Minecraft.   Students should know basic single digit addition, subtraction, and multiplication.  This is an elementary level class.
  • Students will be able to log in and begin on Monday, February 24th.

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