How it Works

Do your kiddos want to play Minecraft with others, but haven’t found a place that’s safe for them?  Skrafty is a Kid-Safe, Family Friendly Minecraft Server with fully functional survival, creative, and other worlds.  We have lots of fun at Skrafty, but it doesn’t stop there.  

Skrafty also has a fully functional homeschool curriculum section that can be used in Minecraft!

See all the SKrafty Homeschool Minecraft Classes Available.

Here are a few things you need to know to get started on Skrafty:

All players must be Whitelisted

This server is a whitelisted server which means everyone will have to be approved to join.  We check all users for previous bans on other servers and will only approve previously banned users on an individual case by case basis.

Go here to get Whitelisted to play.

Skrafty Minecraft Server is Family and Kid Safe

We have safe chat filters as well as helpful moderators to assure that your kids will be safe on the server.  Our kids are playing along with yours, and we take very seriously the responsibility to give them a safe environment to play.

Skrafty is a FUN place to play Minecraft with something for everyone

Players will find several awesome places to build and play:

The Warp Zone

The Warp Zone is Skrafty’s main Lobby.  This is where players will come when they first join, and it is where they can warp to the other worlds.

Imagine That!

Imagine That! is a creative world where players can use their imagination to build and create.

The Economy Zone (EZ)

If players prefer a survival world they’ll want to check out the Economy Zone.  Players can get jobs, earn money, and trade.  They can claim their own land and build it to their wishes.  The Economy Zone is the place players will go to earn credits to spend in the store.

The Adventure Zone

The Adventure Zone is where you will find several popular Minecraft Games.  Skrafty’s Adventure Zone has the following games for members to play:

  • The Hunger Games
  • Factions
  • Chess
  • Insanity Run
  • Capture The Flag
  • Free For All (Battle Arena)
  • Paint Ball
  • TNT Run
  • Parkour

Skrafty is Educational

Here at Skrafty we’ve got SkOOL. Skrafty will offer several educational and learning opportunities.  We have pop quizzes during free play where kids will answer questions for Minecraft Rewards.  There will also be scheduled learning based challenges and meet-up discussions as well as entire subject based lessons in which players can earn Minecraft rewards.

Earn Ranks

At Skrafty we have a ranking system based on experience level or donations.